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In addition to the popular Easy Calculator, now users of Android devices can download for free our Easy Calculator Pro. This application combines simple and scientific calculators and also has a lot of useful features aimed to simplify your everyday calculations, such as calculation of tips, taxes, pocker combinations, time between various dates and many many more.

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8 thoughts on “Easy Calculator Pro for Android”

  1. Pros: Most all the Functions that I want, (like the History Tape, Percent Button, Parentheses). Has some color on the Display, and on the History Tape. Has an Assignable Button, (it would be good if the Plus/Minus Change Sign Button was here). Cons: No Plus/Minus Change Sign Button, Previous Entries Don’t Clear themselves Automatically, (I’ll raise it’s Star Evaluation when. This is corrected). I would like some Better Color Skins for the Keyboard.

  2. Just came across this and really like it 🙂 Thanks a lot.

    I’ve been using the “Scientific Calculator” till now -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scientific.calculator based on which I have the following comments / suggestions:
    a) The colours of the scientific calculator is more stronger, professional and easy on the eye. Do you want me to send you a screen shot?
    b) After typing 123456+987654, if I do not press “=”, the only way to clear the entire calculation seems to be by continuously pressing the <= button to remove segments at a time. Would you consider allowing a double tap to clear contents irrespective of the user pressing the "=" button?
    c) For keys with double functions (eg. X and ^), can you also allowing for double tap to get the secondary function?
    d) The icon name and on the main screen shows "EasyCalcProFree" & "Easy Calculator Pro Free" respectively. I agree it is free, but do you have to put the "Free" there? Would look more professional with just "Easy Calc" or "Easy Calc Pro" or just "Calculator".
    e) Can you consider using a nice, simple yet attractive icon to replace the current one?

    Another thing, I've not been able to understand what the C & Set are for.

    Thanks for this nice app again 🙂

  3. I just downloaded this app 2 use 4 figuring my paycheck amounts b4 payday so i can do better at paying bills and start a savings account ……….I hope it helps with my money management. I will leave more comments later to let u know if this app is what I’m looking 4. . .

  4. Hi,

    I am a calculator afficianado, with around 20 models in my collection, dating back to the first models of the 70’s.

    Now, having a calculator APP always at the ready on my smart phone is amazing.

    THANK YOU for putting so much thought into Easy Calculator Pro.
    I’ve tested five or six different calc apps so far, with every one of them coming up short in some way or other.

    Another company delivers a very good one, but then the ‘look’ of the calculator is all wrong, and the tactile response is really bad. I have to punch the buttons 2 or 3 times before a response.

    In frustration, I was actually planning to write a calculator app of my own, but then I stumbled onto this one.

    Yours is so well thought out. All the details are perfect. The look, the tactile response of the buttons is perfect, the sound for every click is perfect, and the way the scientific panel slides away in anticipation of the number that must be entered next. This calculator is a big step up from all other calc apps I’ve evaluated, also from your basic model. (‘Easy Calculator’)

    My only request is a rather minor one:
    – When you enter 1000 + 5%, the total is immediately displayed. OK
    – When you enter 1000 x 5%, the 5% is immediately displayed. OK
    – Now on most other calculators if I were to enter
    ‘ 1000 x 5% + = ‘, I would first see the 5% part of the total, then after ‘ + = ‘ I would see the total.
    For some reason this is not possible on the calculator apps I have tested, nor on this one. Perhaps there is some bit of programming logic that makes that type of setup difficult ?

    I realize that you can just add on the 5% to see the result, but sometimes I also need to know how much that 5% is by itself, before the addition.

    Could you include a list of % examples in your help file ?

    I agree with Papparazzi above (b).
    I suggest a long hold on the backspace key, to remove a long number, something I’ve seen on someone elses app.

    Lastly, yes I agree with Papparazzi, to remove the word ‘FREE’ in the calculator model designation.

    Enough said –
    Thanks again for a fantastic app !

    — Kelly

  5. Once you figure out to slide keyboard to get new keys…date sin etc…This is The BEST CALCULATOR ON THE MARKET! DARE YOU TO FIND ONE BETTER!

  6. So love this app have it on my lg g2 and downloaded it on my LG G3 but on the g3 it doesn’t answer as I put it in I now have to hit equals. I’d there is a setting I would change it but cannot locate it.

  7. Can you please create a help file for us to better navigate through this app? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

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