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Jungle Currency Converter is a simple application which helps you to convert all major world currencies. The application offers a wide range of currencies and lets you easily convert them at any time you need. It also provides history graphs so you can get an idea of what the rate was yesterday or a month ago.

Main features:

  • user friendly interface
  • 159 types of currency, including the most widely used currencies (such as USD, EUR, GBP, etc.)
  • converts several currencies simultaneously
  • various skins!
  • history graphs

Jungle Currency Converter is just indispensible while traveling. If you happen to go to some foreign country, which currency you are not friendly with, there is no need to worry – Currency Converter is the right thing for you! With a couple of taps you’ll be able to know how much money you can spend in another country paying for services or shopping. You can also look at our Travel Card (see pictures below) to roughly estimate your expences.

Download Currency Converter for iOS
Download Currency Converter for Android

Currency rates are taken from

More screenshots:






Currently supported currencies are:

AFN Afghan afghani
ALL Albanian lek
DZD Algerian dinar
AOA Angolan kwanza
ARS Argentine peso
AMD Armenian dram
AWG Aruban florin
AUD Australian dollar
AZN Azerbaijani manat
BSD Bahamian dollar
BHD Bahraini dinar
BDT Bangladeshi taka
BBD Barbadian dollar
BYR Belarusian ruble
BZD Belize dollar
BMD Bermudian dollar
BTN Bhutanese ngultrum
BTC Bitcoin
BOB Bolivian boliviano
BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
BWP Botswana pula
BRL Brazilian real
GBP British pound
BND Brunei dollar
BGN Bulgarian lev
BIF Burundian franc
XPF CFP franc
KHR Cambodian riel
CAD Canadian dollar
CVE Cape Verdean escudo
KYD Cayman Islands dollar
XAF Central African CFA franc
CLP Chilean peso
CNY Chinese yuan
COP Colombian peso
KMF Comorian franc
CDF Congolese franc
CRC Costa Rican colón
HRK Croatian kuna
CUP Cuban peso
CZK Czech koruna
DKK Danish krone
DJF Djiboutian franc
DOP Dominican peso
XCD East Caribbean dollar
EGP Egyptian pound
ERN Eritrean nakfa
ETB Ethiopian birr
EUR Euro
FKP Falkland Islands pound
FJD Fijian dollar
GMD Gambian dalasi
GEL Georgian lari
GHS Ghanaian cedi
GIP Gibraltar pound
GTQ Guatemalan quetzal
GNF Guinean franc
GYD Guyanese dollar
HTG Haitian gourde
HNL Honduran lempira
HKD Hong Kong dollar
HUF Hungarian forint
ISK Icelandic króna
INR Indian rupee
IDR Indonesian rupiah
IRR Iranian rial
IQD Iraqi dinar
ILS Israeli new shekel
JMD Jamaican dollar
JPY Japanese yen
JOD Jordanian dinar
KZT Kazakhstani tenge
KES Kenyan shilling
KWD Kuwaiti dinar
KGS Kyrgyzstani som
LAK Lao kip
LBP Lebanese pound
LSL Lesotho loti
LRD Liberian dollar
LYD Libyan dinar
LTC Litecoin
MOP Macanese pataca
MKD Macedonian denar
MGA Malagasy ariary
MWK Malawian kwacha
MYR Malaysian ringgit
MVR Maldivian rufiyaa
MRO Mauritanian ouguiya
MUR Mauritian rupee
MXN Mexican peso
MDL Moldovan leu
MNT Mongolian tögrög
MAD Moroccan dirham
MZN Mozambican metical
MMK Myanma kyat
NMC Namecoin
NAD Namibian dollar
NPR Nepalese rupee
ANG Netherlands Antillean guilder
BYN New Belarusian ruble
TWD New Taiwan dollar
NZD New Zealand dollar
NIO Nicaraguan córdoba
NGN Nigerian naira
KPW North Korean won
NOK Norwegian krone
NVC Novacoin
OMR Omani rial
PKR Pakistani rupee
PAB Panamanian balboa
PGK Papua New Guinean kina
PYG Paraguayan guaraní
PPC Peercoin
PEN Peruvian nuevo sol
PHP Philippine peso
PLN Polish złoty
QAR Qatari riyal
CNH Renminbi
RON Romanian leu
RUB Russian ruble
RWF Rwandan franc
SHP Saint Helena pound
SVC Salvadoran colón
WST Samoan tala
SAR Saudi riyal
RSD Serbian dinar
SCR Seychellois rupee
SLL Sierra Leonean leone
SGD Singapore dollar
SBD Solomon Islands dollar
SOS Somali shilling
ZAR South African rand
KRW South Korean won
LKR Sri Lankan rupee
SDG Sudanese pound
SRD Surinamese dollar
SZL Swazi lilangeni
SEK Swedish krona
CHF Swiss franc
SYP Syrian pound
STD São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
TJS Tajikistani somoni
TZS Tanzanian shilling
THB Thai baht
TOP Tongan paʻanga
TTD Trinidad and Tobago dollar
TND Tunisian dinar
TRY Turkish lira
TMT Turkmenistani new manat
UGX Ugandan shilling
UAH Ukrainian hryvnia
CLF Unidad de Fomento (funds code)
AED United Arab Emirates dirham
USD United States dollar
UYU Uruguayan peso
UZS Uzbekistani som
VUV Vanuatu vatu
VEF Venezuelan bolívar
VND Vietnamese đồng
XOF West African CFA franc
YER Yemeni rial
ZMW Zambian kwacha

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