Jungle Units Converter for Symbian

Jungle Units Converter is a simple but useful tool for conversion between various units of measure.

Main features:

  • Choose from 14 categories (length, mass, speed, temperature, etc.)
  • Quickly switch conversion direction (i.e. miles to km or km to miles)
  • Supports Symbian s60 v5 (touchscreen) devices

More screenshots:


2 thoughts on “Jungle Units Converter for Symbian”

  1. Hello guys! For those who have problems with blank screen: please install the application to the main memory, not on SD card. This is a common workaround for the very (actually very-very) old bug in Symbian OS, which for some reason has not been fixed yet.

  2. Does this app include conversion for kilobytes to megabytes etc?

    Would be better if you set up a free trial so I could test and see if this is for me.

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