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Published on November 10, 2011 by in Web

Online Currency Converter Web Application

Online Currency Converter is a web application allowing to convert between almost all world currencies. In addition to its main function of currency conversion, our web app gives a lot of extra information, such as currency codes, cents, conversion history and so on.

This application also allows you once indicate the list of currencies you use more often and save a short link to so to say your “personal” currency converter. Next time when you visit this bookmarked page you will see the same list of predefined currencies. Try, it is really very convenient.

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  1. Catherine von Dennefeld

    Hi, thank you for offering to have for free the Scribble app. I tried to download it today at work during breaks (09/03), and then again when I got home tonight (09/04) to no avail. I am sending you thi MS quickly because I’ve already lost one try on this page. Thank you for your kind reply!

    (iPad -2 and iPhone 4)

  2. janel

    Hi, i have been using your currency converter on iphone and now i want to install it on samsung. Is it possible? As i can’t find it in Galaxy apps

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