Easy Calculator for Android

Easy Calculator is probably the best calculator for everyday use. And it’s free!

Unlike thousands of ordinary office calculators this one lets you easily cope with complicated expressions and always keep an eye on the input data.

Main features:

  • Expression calculation
  • Calculation history
  • Advanced percent calculation (Discounts, Tax, Tip)
  • *New*Auto enclose in bracket. Try 10+5)/3
  • *New*Add your memory notes to expressions
  • And it’s free!

Tips and Tricks:

If you did calculations some time ago, you can always turn to calculation history.
With advanced percent calculation you can easily define the price with discount or extra tax or count tips at a restaurant.
See yourself: for example, to figure out the cost of lunch for two people just enter the following:
12 + 5.80 + 18 + 6 + 10%) / 2
Note that you forgot to open the bracket in the very beginning. Doesn’t matter, Easy Calculator takes care of it!
You see all the prices in the bill and there is no need to input everything again in case you missed something. And finally you can add a memo note to this expression, i.e. ‘John didn’t pay so he will buy me a beer next time :)’

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Jungle Calculator for iPhone

Download Jungle Calculator from the AppStoreJungle Calculator is another very well done application from MobileSoftJungle. This beautifully designed calculator with its smart interface makes your calculations accurate and quick. You can easily perform both general and complex calculations thanks to standard and advanced scientific functions.

Main features:

  • Expression calculation with brackets
  • Calculation history
  • Elegant design
  • Advanced feedback*

* Our application allows people who can not program for iPhone get a prog that would suit them at 100%. You would ask – How? Install Jungle Calculator on your iPhone and use it. Once you realize that you lack some extra features or have an idea of how to improve the prog, just write us about it. Our application has a feedback screen, where you can indicate you wishes or notes. Less than in a minute we will get your feedback and will do our best to improve the app.

Download Jungle Calculator

More screenshots:

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Jungle Units Converter for iPhone

Download Currency Converter for iPhone from AppStoreJungle Units Converter is a brilliant application allowing to convert hundreds of measurements organized into 15 groups. We tried to make our program as user friendly as possible. And now anyone can use it immediately after installation without reading a line from the manual.

Main features:

  • very intuitive interface
  • possibility to choose out of 15 categories (angle, area, bits, density, electric current, energy, force, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, speed, temperature, time and volume)
  • possibility to quickly switch conversion direction (i.e. miles to km or km to miles)

Doesn’t matter who you are. Almost certainly from time to time you face the necessity to make conversions. Jungle Units Converter will facilitate this process to the simple press of a couple of buttons. So if conversions is the only reason for you to carry a calculator, you can now leave it at home.

We promise to constantly improve Jungle Units Converter and guarantee that USD 1.99 you paid for our prog wouldn’t be perceived by you as a waste of money. We take seriously all feedback from the users, so if you need some units of measure which are not in our converter, please write us and they will be added specially for you.

Download Jungle Units Converter

More screenshots:

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Jungle Scribble – Notes and Draws for Symbian

Download Scribble Notes and Draws for Symbian from Nokia StoreFree Jungle Scribble is the best tool to make quick notes on the go.

Just three steps:

  1. Run Scribble.
  2. Write or draw quickly anything you need.
  3. Press Save.

Congratulations! Your note is saved to your gallery. Quick and easy! No more trying to type something in a hurry when you really need to make a quick note. Just scribble and save!

Main features:

  • Supports Symbian s60 v5 (touchscreen) devices
  • Pen mode and Eraser mode
  • Choose from 6 pen colors
  • Choose from 4 predefined backgrounds or choose your own picture
  • Notes are saved as .png images so you can open it in any viewer or edit in any image editor
  • You may enter your own filename when you save a note

More screenshots:

Jungle Currency Converter for Symbian

Download Currency Converter for Symbian from Nokia Store

Jungle Currency Converter is a smart tool for conversion any world currency at any moment. The application lets you quickly convert currencies taking into consideration the latest exchange rates. Jungle Currency Converter is the best program for travelers!

Main features:

  • *New* 3 input fields for 3 different currencies of your choice. You can type in any field and two others immediately show the result of conversion (i.e. you can convert simultaneously USD to EUR and GBP)
  • 159 world currencies
  • easy switch of conversion direction (i.e. EUR to USD & CAD or CAD to EUR & USD or USD to CAD & EUR)
  • possibility to update rates from the server with just one tap.

Currency rates are taken from FreeCurrencyRates.com. Currently supported currencies are:

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